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August 26th, 2020

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August 9th, 2012

Why is it that whenver I go see Big Time Rush it never runs smoothly?

Just last Saturday, August 4 Big Time Rush played in Chicago. But anyone who has a twitter probably heard that the Concert almost didn't happen. What started out as a perfect summer afternoon turned into anything but later that day around 4pm when it decided to storm. And not just your typical thrunderstorm a bit of lighting, no, like wind so strong it brought down gigantic tree branches. Those tree branches happened to fall in the middle of my street and in front of my garage (where my car had been in). So that was my first problem,I couldnt get my car out of the garage. When me and my neighbors finally managed to cut the branches and remove them from my garage I was finally on my way to the Big Time Rush concert. The second problem occured when I arrived at the venue and was told that the concert had been postponed (big problem) the venue hadn't said anymore than that so I turned around and went back home.  About an hour later I was online and I don't know what made me decide to check twitter, but it was a good thing I did because all four members of Big Time Rush had taken to twitter to let all the fans know that the Chicago concert was back on because power to the venue had been restored. When I heard this, I couldn't believe it. So I got back in my car and drove back out there AGAIN, but it was worth it. I had a great time and took quite a few pictures. I'll probably add a few of them here later.

Did anyone else from the Chicago area go to this concert? And what did you think about the false postponement?

February 25th, 2012

Ever since Big Time Rush came out on Nickelodeon I kept telling myself and my friends that I was definitely going to see them when they had their own tour. It took almost 2 years and a lot of patience for me lol, but they finally did.

My experience of how I got there was quite amusing. At first I planned to buy tickets when they went on General Sale but was lucky enough to find someone on LJ selling their own because they had gotten VIP tickets. The amusing part was that we met up at a mall the MORNING of the concert haha. We met each other in the food court and the exchange went down. The people around us probably thought a drug deal was going on haha.

I had my tickets in hand and I was super excited.

Getting to the concert was a bit more difficult. My friend wasn't quite ready on time so we left a little later than planned, which was fine until we got to the last exit to the Theatre THEN we ran into major traffic. I was not thrilled in the least haha.

One Direction happened to be the opener for the Chicago concert and were playing in the US for the first time tonight and I was really starting to bum out cause I thought I'd miss them and I really wanted to see them.

We managed to get to the concert around 7:30 and luckily for me I had only missed out on the first act. One direction hadn't played yet.

The concert itself was amazing. One direction sang their hit What Makes You Beautiful and a few of their other songs. I fell in love with Moments the second I heard it. Such a beautiful song and they did a cover of Use Somebody and Niall played acousitc guitar I thought they sang it really well. I definitely left the concert last night thinking I NEED to buy their cd when it came out in March.

Now for Big Time Rush. It was everything I expected and more. The stage was awesome, it had a trampoline a TRAMPOLINE lol and through out the concert they would do jumps or flips on it. Big Time Rush opened up with their song Big Time Rush and from then on out it was a party until they ended the concert with Elevate (which was amazing) Then came back for the Encore to do City is Ours.

A highlight of the night was definitely Cover Girl where the boys actually went out into the crowd to visit fans. It was extremely amusing to watch Kendall trying to still sing while hugging everybody around him. Another song that stuck out to me was No Idea. It's never been my favorite song, but the performance was perfect, especially the beginning. The stage was completely dark except for one lone spot light and the spot light would only light up one of the guys at a time as they were singing their part. It was really fun to watch the cool sequences of lights as each boy sang.

All their ballads were beautuiful and the fast ones kept everyone on their feet jumping and dancing along. I was happy to see I wasn't the only person in their twenties there either, there were a bunch of older teenagers and people like me and they were having just as much fun as I was. The only real damper on my night was a little girl standing in front of me who occasionally held up her poster and blocked my view. But that definitely wasn't enough to ruin my night. I had a blast. I can't wait to see them on their next tour.

I took some pictures with my phone, but the pictures didn't turn out so well so I will spare you from those.

That was my first Big Time Rush concert experience and I hope to have many more.
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